The Surefire® Infusion System (SIS) 021, 025M & 025L

Constructed for excellent pushability, the SIS supports accurate placement with improved levels of control. The ultra-thin, pliable and segmented construction, along with a hydrophilic coating, reduces friction for excellent tracking performance. The soft tip is tapered to offer easy access to the target. Designed for dynamic movement, the SIS' patented tip expands to create optimal pressure.

Which SIS is Right for You?

SIS 021

The SIS 021 features a thin flexible catheter body and a soft, pliable tip to support excellent trackability and increased targeting in super selective infusions.

Usable Length - 120 cm
ID - 0.021"
Proximal Distal Tip/OD - 3.2 F / 2.8 F
Vessel size - 1.5 - 3.5 mm

SIS 025M & 025L

Available in two different sizes, the SIS 025 boasts the same flexible construction as SIS 021, but with a larger lumen for improved flow during infusion.

Usable Length - 120 cm
ID - 0.025"
Proximal Distal Tip/OD - 3.7 F / 3.4 F
025M Vessel size - 2.0 - 4.0 mm
025L Vessel size - 4.0 - 6.0 mm

SIS Radial

The increased length of the SIS, available in all three sizes, offers new flexibility for radial artery access procedures. Radial access procedures can help increase patient comfort, speed recovery and lower the risk of potential post-procedure complications.

Usable Length - 150 cm
Available in 021, 025M & 025L

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